The reason…

Since “simoninfiley” was first published, the tide has come and gone quite a few times, both literally and also personally. I think each phase of our life reveals new features, almost new profiles we would never have thought possible even a short time before.

What has emerged most definitely in my life is the desire to max out every day that I can and to live my life to the best version of me that ever I can. Far too often we arrive at or near retirement and apart from a few items that will fill our days, some out of the necessity to avoid inevitable boredom, there seems to be little to avert the oncoming meeting with our Maker. And so our attention can become filled with regret, or the realisation that somewhere back down the track we missed many opportunities, maybe multiple times.

My purpose now is therefore to write encouragement for whoever reads these pages. To raise questions. To alert you to the endless possibilities that are out there waiting for you to enjoy. To give you a pointer towards a brighter future. And to banish empty thoughts from your head, but instead to implant, hopefully, some avenues that maybe, just maybe, you never thought you could walk down.

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