I guess there are a host of reasons why people write blogs…..peculiar name that really…….a blog. Who’d have thought that such an absurd sounding word would come to be so widely accepted as a the means by which communication is achieved over something we can’t see, namely the web.

For myself, I’ve decided to embark on this journey partly to log something of my life, before it disappears down the gobbler of time and vanishes like the dot in the middle of the TV screens of old. In terms of a bio, I’m an outdoors guy but not as a Ranulph Fiennes, he of the capacity to chop frost bitten fingers off in the middle of nowhere. I love being outdoors and not being penned in; if there’s a choice, I’ll sit in our newly built garden room as opposed to sitting in the warmth of the central heating. But I do like my creature comforts as well; when I go camping, I’m no good with a cold water tap in a field….I want my hot showers and mown grass.

How this adventure will evolve I’m not sure. Is there a plan? Not on my part there isn’t. I’m far more comfortable winging it than being scrupulous so who knows what will happen from here on in.