Having inspiration or at least a seed thought is one thing; making sure that it flies on its own is another altogether, and like others I guess, this is where so often I can fall short.

For a few years, I’ve been using a physio who is also a personal trainer and as 2015 went on, I began to be aware that my various decisions to lose a little weight and to get into a better shape were not in themselves bearing fruit. Most of my visits for physio treatment have been on the back of being in my 7th decade and were basic maintenance on his part of bits and pieces which were becoming close to their ‘best before dates’. One of my knees was becoming really troublesome and as most of us do things by default and without being almost conscious of it, I had to rewire my brain to go down on the other knee first due to the increased pain.

Now I realise there are two schools of thought on the whole issues of pain management; do you take a few pills and hope they work or do you address the real problem and deal with it at source? One is much more expensive than the other, but my general take is that your health matters a great deal and so I decided to bite the bullet and go somewhere I’d never seen myself going in my lifetime. Having been told that the knee pain could best be corrected by a good exercise regimen, I therefore made the arrangement with Chris to begin a session of training and to go and be a member of a gym.

Was I mad? Delusional? Could a 66 yo really make it and if not turn back the clock, at least try to make its ticking count for something? October 7th was the date set and by that time, kit had been bought and I was on my way. I’m fairly used to meeting people as a self employed tradesman but to push through the door and enter this world of Dance FM and sweat was something else entirely. It did help that one of the places I’d had physio treatment was in the gym building, so it wasn’t all new, but to turn right and not left was still a little daunting.

Read what happened in my next post!