Most of us need some spark of inspiration somewhere along the line for an idea, a thought to take flight and to become something that runs by itself; there is no way an  idea, adopted or original, can manufacture its own momentum if we don’t take it on board and give it our drive. Very often of course, we align our thoughts into groups and when a seed is sown which isn’t one we like, recognise as something we could take on board, it’s rejected out of hand; it’s just ‘not me’ and therefore we bin it.

Which is what I did with an idea given to me in June 2015 and which is now one of the most important current building blocks in my life, and I use the word current for a reason. I firmly believe that our life goes through seasons and that we shouldn’t see patterns, life skills, call it what you will as being cast in stone and that those aspects will always define us and be a part of us. So, for example, I was a classically trained pianist and now rarely touch a keyboard and whilst for many years it was what I did, it was me, it’s now not the case and that’s how it is. I’m fine with it and have seen other skills come into my life and blossom. I went through a period with photography and am now in the process of selling most of my gear, because that period has come and gone and I don’t need to carry cumbersome cameras around, preferring something pocket sized instead.

So in June 2015 having watched my wife, daughter and granddaughter run a 5k race locally and hearing the words ‘ you must have a 5k in you Dad’ and being furthermore a total non sportsman, I let the words wash over me and out to sea. ME? RUN? Are you kidding me?

And the reason I’m starting to describe the changes in my life like this is that those words from my daughter went deep into me; I thought they were so deep that they’d be starved of oxygen and die, but they didn’t and I want to encourage you to not trash something that is said to you out of hand especially if it’s something that is so not you that you can’t ever imagine it being a part of your life. I’ll describe in detail in my next blog what changed but suffice to say that those words were not forgotten by me and that on random occasions I would remember them and they ultimately caused me to make a life changing decision.