I guess there are for each of us many aspects of life which would fall under that heading; our location, workplace, food and people. Elements of our life which are forever samey and will always almost melt into the background of our life without much prominence for most of the time.

We welcomed my brother in law and his wife into our home yesterday for the day and enjoyed a great time together just doing life, as you do; nothing amazing in a way….some good food and a walk together when the rain had stopped! And yet I found myself taking this picture on my phone as we took a walk along a path which for us is well trodden; somewhere we’ve been many times and whilst for many would represent an awesome view, for us is…..everyday. It’s where we live; it’s our back yard and the place we drive past and rarely appreciate.

I also guess for many of us living in the relative calm of the West the pictures of migrants and refugees fleeing their war torn countries will be disturbing and even for those of us a little hard nosed will be unsettling. This is after all the supposedly peaceful and calm part of the world, so the pictures of thousands walking along a motorway, which could be right on someone’s doorstep, are a far cry from what we would want either for ourselves or for them. So in their reaching out for something better, they collide with our everyday; they carry in their plastic supermarket bags their life possessions, whilst we in ours carry things which may well end up in our trash.

My purpose in writing this is not to make those of us living in calm to feel bad for that; not at all. But rather for us to be so grateful for where we are and maybe to look at what we consider everyday through fresh eyes. And to use every opportunity to lift our soul instead of trammelling through life as if living permanently in Pilgrims Slough of Despond. Your everyday may be what someone else will risk their life to obtain and walk thousands of miles to achieve, so value it highly. You may complain when the wifi doesn’t work as instantly as it should, when the dishwasher spews and floods the kitchen floor, when the baby cries for longer that it should, when the car has a flat tyre or when taking the kids to one more after school club is really just a journey too far……instead of being grateful they’re interested enough to want to go in the first place. 

Not for nothing we should lift up our eyes; in so dong, we shift our perspective from here to there, from down to up, from me to you, from close to far away, from mine to yours. It could be the start of a revaluation you’ll really enjoy.