imageThere’s something about tomorrow which is both good and maybe not so good, and it’s the aspect of future which I want to include in this post.

We have the ability as humans of being able to plan and to develop our forward thinking skills to the best advantage. When we are young, this is a latent skill; a hungry baby does the only thing it knows to attract attention to its problem and cries to bring about the response it seeks, even though it doesn’t know anything about the process I’ve just described. It’s a case in the baby’s mind of ” I’m hungry….feed me”. Simples! As we grow older, we realise there is a thing called time; a seemingly vast expanse made up of ‘tomorrows’ and in time, we learn to arrange in our thinking and forward memory when these various days or times will be ahead of their appearance in reality. Hence, in several weeks time, I fly to New Zealand and before then, there are other occasions and times which must come first in order for me to get to that calendar date and which in themselves will get my full attention.

I’m increasingly aware as I approach my latter years that there is a great tendency to think of these years, these ‘tomorrows’, as the fag ends of life to be endured but rarely liked and for some this is very real. Life may have forced illness upon them, maybe because of a work related injury or condition and they are now facing an endless expanse of mediocre existence. Some feel that their physical and/or mental strengths will be deserting them very soon, ‘ because my parents suffered from that and it runs in the family’. Thankfully, science is now proving that there is no need for us to embrace anything other than a full and free batch of pleasurable years at this end of our life, just as active as we were in the beginning. Our brains are not hard wired for being knackered and tired out from middle age onwards; we can and should expect to be just as capable in our last years as we were in our first. There’s so many authors writing about this and I encourage you to get hold of and read some good stuff about what you can and should expect to happen in later life.

So I celebrate that within the next 2 weeks, I am going to be camping yet again; I’m going to be doing something I love greatly with others and that looking forward to that ‘tomorrow’ is bringing me already a lot of pleasure.

I want to encourage you to look for and identify those future days, times, seasons which you know are on your horizon and to anticipate their coming with eagerness. Ok, some of them may be challenging but it’s only your mindset which will hold them either in fear and trepidation or give them a much healthier appearance in your mind. You choose which route you go down…..make sure you choose wisely.