imageWe’ve been away camping this past week and went around an hours journey from home, just up the North Yorkshire coast to near Robin Hoods Bay; some of you will know this well and will have trodden the steps and paths many times. Like a lot of people however with such gems on their doorsteps, we had not been for some time and with only ourselves to please had time to look here, pause there and generally just enjoy being on our own.

Sometimes life has to be like that. There may be various calls on your time and many times when you are involved in one way or another with many people or situations. But there are similarly many times when you need to take the time and just be ………you. In some ways, we both felt a little, though not much, guilty… if we should be somewhere else or with someone else. But when you’re towards the end of your working life, there’s nothing wrong at all with packing the tent, loading the car, heading off and enjoying life.

I can recommend it!