imageA couple of years back, I decided I wanted to reorganise some of the beds on my allotment; this wasn’t exactly as straightforward as it sounds because as those of you in the know appreciate, it involves some reshaping and remodelling to achieve. The reason I set myself this goal is that I wanted to create a rose garden there. That may sound rather left field too – why ever bother with flowers on what is a piece of land for ( essentially ) growing vegetables. And therein lies the reason; there is nothing which says flowers can’t be grown and I decided that as they would increase the insect population to boot they would be a valuable addition.

Being somewhat not given to poring over rose catalogues for hours, I went online to the Fragrant Rose Company Ltd website; I mean why wouldn’t you if, like me, you wanted roses that were fragrant! From the descriptions, I made a selection and in the fullness of time they came and were planted. They were all named and having made a reasonable investment, I then waited for flowers which duly came and I’m so thrilled when I visit my allotment to find beauty and scent in abundance.

They weren’t the only roses I planted however; from somewhere, maybe as a freebie with an order, I inherited two other roses. Nameless. Small potted specimens. Definitely not looking as vigorous as my other plants. But you give them a chance to grow and I duly gave them ground.

The pale rose in this vase is from that plant. I haven’t a clue about its name and it will stay that way. It’s scent is intoxicating and it’s flower is stunning and I’m so glad I gave it room.

Some of the most influential people or events in your life may almost be like my rose. They’ll almost stumble into your life without appointment and carrying no baggage; your interaction with them won’t have been planned and no return was ever expected. And yet the influence and impact upon you will be dynamic. I went to a conference some time back and the speaker who was given the shortest time and admitted she didn’t like giving her address was by far the most impacting, most meaningful, had the most to say in the shortest time……she was brilliant.

And some of you will like me find yourselves sponsoring others through an anonymous investment into their life. To them you will be nameless, but without you, they wouldn’t be able to be where they are. Value that investment in them as you’ve valued others who’s input into your own life has been immense.