I’ve been struck increasingly, though thankfully not literally, by how we espouse a certain way and yet ascribe to it words…descriptions…attributes that are clearly giving the opposite meaning. So we are saying, either verbally or by example, that we follow this and don’t follow that, maybe that we eat this but not that, and these give to others the clear indication that we are keen about following certain guidelines, maybe even to calling them rules, and yet it’s not that true. I’ll give you an example.
Through the post yesterday dropped the usual periodic bumph from a company whose health and nutrition products we have occasionally bought so hence we’re on the mailing list from now till the 2nd coming and it’s full of information about vitamin supplements and the like and how these various additions will improve and add years to our life. So you wouldn’t want to miss them would you? I mean if they’re that good, you’ve GOT to have them, because you’d be missing out otherwise and your life would be detrimentally affected. Not only for humans, there’s a vast array of products aimed at your pet too; imagine how Oscars life could be so much better by taking this or that pill! 

In this issue, there’s holiday advice which is pertinent because of the time of year. So you’re told what to go for in various parts of the world and which may be more advisable to avoid. But then the wheels come off the whole thing with the exhortation to relax your guard because ” holidays are a time for treats”. And I couldn’t agree more with that sentiment, but what are we saying here, or more to the point, not saying. Is the normal 9-5 with its supplements, vitamins and extracts going to be so much tedium and hell-in-a-pill that you’re going to go bananas for your holidays and have the treats you’re denying yourself and living like a monk for in the rest of the year? And IF the healthy option IS that good, IS that beneficial and DOES so much good, why would you not want to include in there healthy treats? Surely by describing something that is by implication if not expression sugar filled, mass produced garbage and saying its a treat and why wouldn’t you want it on holiday is admitting that all the other days of the year, your healthy option is dour, no fun and should be endured just so you can drop the inches off your waist…..or wherever.

All I’m saying is – get real and call it what it is. And if you’re a healthy food nut, for goodness sake don’t look at the rubbish most of the western world calls treats and look forward to getting them down your neck when you get off the plane on holiday. Ordinary, everyday life has GOT to have treats built in daily or else it becomes dreary and a drudge. Why do you think people hate Monday’s, even though it’s no different to the previous 24 hours? It’s the peg we hang it on in our minds that makes the difference!