I guess each of us has a place, and some have many; a place we call home, a place of work, a place of exercise, a place of retreat etc etc. Some places have multiple identities, whereas others have only the one; some are frequented by many others and some only, we think, by us! 

I’m looking out, sat here, on one of my places; the house you see is mine but the sofa I’m sat on was once someone else’s. It would have occupied a space in their place and have been bought by them with careful selection most likely, to fit into that space in their place. But now it’s here, in my place, part of my place, and enjoyed just the same.

What we have or own, isn’t of itself important; your style, your likings probably wouldn’t be those of your neighbours. How many times have we seen a monetary valuation of something expressed in a few pounds, and yet the value to the owner is incalculable; it defies logic in some ways and stands reason in its head.

And so with my place. My postcode tells me I’m in the centre of town, my ears right now affirming that. There is noise in abundance and all accentuated with summer as the tourists hit town. But here? This place? My place? It’s an oasis of calm and befriended by birds in plenty. The greenery exudes calm and the ( yet to flower ) shrubbery brings joy to the heart. 

I truly love my place.

Find your place; find that oasis that will lift your spirit, calm your soul and bring joy in abundance. It may be closer than you think……