Amazing isn’t it where January goes? You’ve tipped over into 2015 usually accompanied by a furious December if you’ve got family and friends coming, and before you know it, it’s February next weekend and …….where did it go? All the more concerning is that by midnight on the 31st, 8.3% of the supposed New Year is gone…..past….lived, or endured, and you wonder where it went!

Some of its natural of course. Unknown to you, you said various things in November or December about meetings or commitments in January and then you transfer them into reality. Other things happen; last weekend we bought plane tickets for a trip in November, we have a trip to Center Parcs with some family members in May and camping weekends will happen at some stage during the summer. So the calendar fills up almost by itself.

But what about the rest of the more mundane, ordinary days? The trick is of course for those too to be filled with more memorable events, the days that slip by almost under the radar if you’re not careful.

One thing we do may help you. For the past 2 years, we’ve had a jar for receipts and notes for special times, and including things that were individual as well. So it may be a car park ticket referring to a walk we did somewhere that was just brilliant, a restaurant bill from a great meal, a scribbled note for some seemingly ordinary day, but which held a brief moment of excellence worth noting. And then, at the year end, we tip them out, mix them up, and read them through, recalling all the wonderful times, events, the mundane sometimes touched by brilliance that we’ve enjoyed thought the year.

February’s coming…….not too late to start that idea for your own life!