Like me, you’ve probably found yourself at times full of wanting to get something down on your iPad/tablet and the moment goes and then the inspiration slips by and life gets in the way and……and…..and…..

It sucks doesn’t it; all that good intention, all those ideas and salient things to set down, things worth reading….at least you think so. It’s been something like that as 2014 ebbed away and the New Year came in, full of Jools Holland Hootenanying as he does. We had our house full of fun and laughter, with ages ranging at times from 3 months to 91 yo; the meals shared and enjoyed, the presents and inevitable bin liners full of waste paper. What a time……what a precious time.

At some stage, on a frosty morning, I took myself off and had a walk; not a case of wanting to escape, but of just wanting to enjoy the moment. And I stumbled across this post. It seems now to have been significant, for as the days since then have unfolded, and we’re still not halfway through January, I’ve begun a definite 2015 plan to ensure that I get to where I want to go by December. And it has to follow a footpath…..a defined way…..a path well trod? I’ve already mapped out several aspects and seen additions to the initial steps; I’ll mention them in successive posts so you can see where I’m going.

I’m excited about 2015; never been here before! What an adventure!