It seems quite a long period has elapsed since I began my “starter for 10” and life has begun a new part of the the journey; maybe a turning rather than just a bend in the road. And if there is one word that would sum it up it’s….wrestle, but not of the WWF type.

I’ve begun reading ‘The Blue Parakeet’ by Scot McKnight which I bought from the resources section of my church yesterday and which was one of those purchases that will turn out to be timely. Life for me has always revolved around or at least included strongly church; there’s a difference between going to church and being a Christian as you may well know and whilst I did the former from as long ago as I can remember, the latter took place in my mid-20’s. Since then, various doors have opened and closed; some experiences have been mountain top and others less so. Some periods of life have been ecstatic, and others more of a slog.

When I was a kid, there was no TV, no Xbox, no tablets apart from the ones you took with water. And the church where I grew up held Bible reading competitions annually; I can’t think they’d attract many entrants today but there we are. So the Word, the Eternal Word, has always been known to some extent; I know my way around the Bible but stopped reading it some time ago. I’ve never doubted the existence of God; I didn’t stop reading due to some big fall out of faith. Just a gradual stopping more than anything. I go to a very 21st century expression of church; progressive and life enhancing.

And yet……

I did realise that I was missing being “in the Word”; if you believe in something, that has to be kept alive with constant input and I wasn’t giving it that. Hence the Blue Parakeet. Already it’s challenging my thinking and how easy it is to go through life thinking that you’re there, switched on and going for it only to find……you’ve stuck with traditionalism and got bogged down, so you’ve gone into a siding somewhere and let the Main Line continue without you. I’ve realised too that I need to constantly turn over my mind, to keep it active and not only to prevent Alzheimer’s creeping in; to stop the weeds of inactivity from growing and sowing themselves in successive seasons.

So my “10” to you is to wrestle. You’re living an amazing life and it’s so very, very easy to canter instead of galloping; to go into the shallows instead of diving in the flow and really moving. Wrestle with whatever it is you’re involved in, whether it be your job, your passionate hobby, your relationships, or like me, your faith. Quitting is only for losers and you’re not one of them! Take the twists and turns along the road in your stride; work through them and get to the place you desire to be.

I’ll let you know how the book progresses!