imageI took this shot from a vantage point a long way off and was initially not looking to the foreground at all; the distant views were much more inviting so this character only came into view as very much a minor addition to the whole scene. Walking along a shoreline when all the world is passing you by and amid all the clamour of a summer’s day seems an unlikely place to find solitude and yet this walker clearly is finding that and would doubtless be oblivious to all else.

You need to find places like this in your life because they offer times of refreshing in the melee of what constitutes your day; it may be a park close by, a walk along a country lane or even along a shoreline……but find it nevertheless. That somewhere where you can sort out the stuff in your head that needs attention; get a grip on some issue or other stuff; find the way through the labyrinth that faces you up; or maybe even just walk……enjoy it…..drink it in.

But find it all the same; it’ll be a salve to your soul.