imageWe’ve been away camping this weekend and have thoroughly loved it; the usual mix of weather, being England, but you have to take that with you. The site we visited,, is situated just outside Scarborough and as such is 20 minutes away from us…long distance! But you can be a few miles away and you may as well be hours away; the change of pace, scenery and surrounding noises as well as being with others who are on holiday are all very welcome.

There’s a walk from the site which ends up after 100 mtrs crossing what I now discover is the old Forge Valley Railway line which went from Seamer to Pickering; as with most branch lines, it met it’s demise in the mid 20th century, in this case 1950, so didn’t even survive to face Dr. Beechings swingeing cuts in 1963. I walked along for some way amongst the weeds and undergrowth which have long since taken over and it’s strange to imagine the sights and sounds which must have been a part of this line when it was functioning. The noise, the steam, who used the line and what for, all provoking questions in my mind; I looked at this bridge and could imagine steam billowing up and over it, with the consequent echo that created issuing out.

Sad really it and many other lines have gone; relics of a bygone age. Some would be money-spinners if they had been retained, others doubtless needed to disappear. If there’s one near you, use it; it may have become a cycle track or just a footpath. Most of them have been retained in some form, but all are worthwhile looking at. When you do, think of the sight it must have been; you’ll still find old station platforms in abundance but at least in this age, they are one place you won’t have to mind the gap!