Most of you will deduce by that title I’m referring to a Billy Joel track…and you’re not wrong in that! I’m often arrested by a thought that won’t let go until it finds it’s end, it’s summit and it has just done that for me. It’s past 10 pm here in Filey and I’m sat in my garden in the semi darkness, but it’s gelled for me and I have to set it down.

There’s a line in this song which refers to things that are only seen by the eyes of the blind. What? Are you kidding me? I’m a fan of the guy; as a keys player, I love his writing and latch on to his tracks whenever they appear on the car radio. And the idea that there are only things that can be seen by the eyes of the blind arrests my thinking. It is SO true and I want to underline this with you. You can have plans that you’ve thought through maybe in focus groups and have so much input into that they seem infallible and yet… There are, absolutely, aspects that can only be seen by the eyes of the blind. So what are we referring to here?

We’re referring to those unmistakeable inputs that are somehow spiritual, somehow of the soul that make the difference between the logical and the rational and that which surpasses both. It’s that extra dimension which brings an element which is almost out of body but which is so basic it adds that extra to bring the thought, the wish, the dream into reality. Recently, my wife and I looked at a project that we were interested in and which on very first sight we maybe might have rejected. But we had, almost, the “eyes of the blind” and looked beyond what we saw in the natural and saw the projected potential and made a decision on that; it’s going forward and we know it will succeed. I’m not saying in this that you should be irrational, and go left field just to prove a point, but that sometimes you will find yourself looking at a project, a situation and just know that whatever the visual is telling you, this WILL fly…’s going to work… will succeed.

So don’t be afraid to take those chances, those risks; find what for you are “the eyes of the blind” and put them to work for you. Anyone whoever decided not to take risks has never failed and sometimes you will; but, as Winston Churchill once said, “success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm”.