Here in the UK we celebrate various “days” throughout the year; actually I think there is hardly a free space on the calendar for any additional or notable events to which we could allocate a day. And today was…..Fathers Day; that one day in the year when supposedly we get spoiled and receive presents from our doting kids…..the implication being, in certain households, that on any other day in the year, relationships can be fraught, WW3 may be imminent and chaos will generally reign. But on this day, as on Mothers Day, the parents get a little care, love and attention, all of which are gratefully received; I seem to remember in times past morning tea being brought into our bedroom and even if it was a 50/50 mix of milk and water, and cool….or both, the thought behind it all was just brilliant.

So now, with our children grown and with grandchildren, my wife and I celebrate our respective days with a greater depth of field. For me, today has been simply the best. The sentiments conveyed by the cards and presents I received were from grateful hearts and expressed some things that only the years bring; I’m sitting here and am just equally so grateful for the continuing opportunities that present themselves to be Dad, Pops, Papa and to find new ways to be just a little silly. This afternoon for instance whilst my 21 month old grandson was sitting playing with Playdoh, I found his dinosaur outfit on the stairs and put it on my head; to say he looked incredulous is putting it mildly! Life is just sooooo full of opportunities to not only be an example, to be Dad/Father and all that implies, but also to be fun and do the unusual and silly. Why be dull? Why always be the Head of the Family Who Shall Be Listened To? Stir things up a little, lighten up just a tad and have fun with your family; you’ll all love it so much better!

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