I’m sat writing this in our Garden Room which we built last year and which becomes home, the best place to be, the favourite place…..whatever….in the summer. It’s built in a rustic manner, partly because we wanted it that way and partly because we are in a conservation area and so more traditional methods were the order of the day. You can see the open door and a white painted wall beyond but what you can’t appreciate is that we live in the middle of town, so this ain’t quiet! This is no little hideaway, peaceful beyond measure, quiet as the day is long, with wonderful birdsong and some English rolling countryside scene around the end wall. We are in a seaside town, the population of which doubles in size from June to August; the idyllic birdsong is taken over by seagulls which are far from quiet and more often raucous. We sit here and hear Joe Public’s conversation in snatches; children shouting, or crying, the sounds of any street, with traffic to and fro.

And yet……

This IS the most beautiful place I can imagine. We have blackbirds nesting in the hedge, we have many wonderful flowers in our small but perfectly formed garden and we have, more importantly, many more wonderful memories of times right here, right in this place, candlelit at night, with family and friends we value so much.

I’m going to challenge you. Your ordinary will be my special; I’ll come and look at your garden, your home and love it…..but you’ll think it’s mundane. So take a step back and be amazed at what you have; if it needs some attention, give it. But don’t think that what you have is rubbish, because to someone else it may well be just what they’ve been trying to achieve for years.