June 2014

It’s taken me some time between posts but here’s number 2.
2. Hire only quality staff.
It’s difficult sometimes assessing the quality of a potential staff member, but you can develop an eye for the likelihood of them adding to your business. I’m a people watcher; I love to watch who serves me, who I deal with at the checkout, what the response is on the other end of the phone. And you can use some of those tell tale signs to identify who you want in your business because that is key to your business growth. Anyone can promote a product, sell an opportunity or maximise business; but it’s at the service level that your business will grow exponentially. Next time you’re in a restaurant, watch who serves you; their attitude, their eye contact. They’ll either lead you to not want to tip them or take you forward to order a second bottle of wine; if they’re that good, you’ll do both! So look for those who will add value to your business; hire them and you’ll follow an upward path, but if you hire those who are only clock-watchers, they’ll turn people away.

10 things…..

For Fathers Day, one of my daughters described on social media how I’d given her life skills as she grew …