Yesterday we had one of our granddaughters for a period of time before her drama class commenced locally and we spent most of the time playing games. Now you have to understand that for me that was something, because I am not a natural game player; the challenge doesn’t inspire me and the drive to join in isn’t one I find natural. I’m not essentially a team player and that maybe explains why for 30 years I’ve been a self employed sole proprietor; a friend of mine years ago made the comment that the self employed are to a large extent unemployable – we like being our own boss, working alone, finding answers and sorting problems on our own. It’s just us….it’s what we do.

But for some of the time yesterday, I joined in and really enjoyed it all; I was able to explain how to work out what was happening to help her through the games and it struck me that whilst she wanted to, I had to. There was that difference and it’s not left me since. Children often are so deliciously uncomplicated that they will see a period of time and want to…….whatever; read a story with you or play a game. It’s that simple to them; they are there with you, you happen to be around and the game’s there… why not?! It’s uncluttered, it’s free from ” well I could be doing this or that, but I’d better do this with you “. Their attitude is different because conceptually they are free from some of the restraints of being an adult. It was an eye opener.

Every day is a school day and at 65, I’m still learning!