I came across an experience yesterday that just landed bang into my life and was so telling about how nothing in our life is wasted and how the fails and errors we make contribute to our successes.
I was taxiing one of my grandsons to his golf lesson and our part of England yesterday was just sublime; light wind and glorious sun washed over us and was truly wonderful. It was also wonderful for me in that I was sat with the morning paper and coffee; I read most of it and wasn’t hassled or constrained by time. And it was whilst I was reading that my ears were awakened to what was happening.
The timber wall you can see is the end wall of a golf driving range; there are maybe 20 bays within that and with 3 sides to the building timber and the front completely open sound travels. So I cannot see anyone but I can periodically see a ball come into view and I can also hear the balls being struck as the flooring area is also a matted timber base.
Most of the time I can here a thuddish sound as the ball is not cleanly struck and the shot doesn’t go that far; nothing wrong with that as these are 9-12 year olds and it’s a practice session. This is the time for learning the ropes.
But occasionally, and this is what got my attention, there is that unmistakeable, tell tale PING as the ball is struck cleanly and literally flies into view, travelling down the fairway for yards further than the others. Then there’s seemingly an age whilst the thuds continue and then another clean, beautiful shot flies away.
To get the perfect shot, there will be many thuds, many miss hit shots. And you know what? That’s fine because it’s the practice that makes the golfer improve, that makes the baker make the perfect cake or whatever is your interpretation of what I saw. Just don’t find yourself giving up or quitting too early because your PING hasn’t been heard either at all or for some time. Head down, eye on the ball, adjust your swing…….and the ball WILL ping!