Today was a good day up to my saying to my brother in law, as I was driving to my appointment with the physio that we both use, that I was looking forward to lying down on my back for an hour. You know how it goes; you say something and then almost as the words leave your mouth, you’re aware that you’ve almost sealed your fate. Your prediction is almost inviting the opposite effect.

And so it was with me this afternoon. I laid there having said that my shoulder and arm needed attention, whereupon he laid into me with vigour and so much gusto that I ended up in severe pain, wincing at every touch. ( Isn’t it amazing that when you tense up because the pain is really getting to you, you clench everything, even your butt cheeks which are not hurting?! ). The words I’d spoken seemed a distant memory as I laid there, first on my back and then my front as he began to apply his training and experience to my solid muscles in an attempt to free them and bring some fluidity into my being.

The thing that always amazes me about going for treatment is that quite often the area being treated is away from where the restriction or pain resides; it’s like….” why are you doing that when the pain is elsewhere?”. I then get an explanation about the muscles being related and one thing and another; what I cannot deny is that it works. I may go through pain and discomfort on the table but during the next 48-72 hours, things improve and flexibility returns. 

Your “ouch” may be different to mine; very few are similar. It may a relational, financial or career “ouch”. There may be several of them, seemingly queuing up to be treated and, in discomfort, you may not know where to start. For myself, I’m so relieved to have my guy; he doesn’t bluff his way through but knows what he’s doing. If you aren’t able to find a way to alleviate your “ouch”, be careful where you look for help. There are so many offering this or that, mentors for everything under the sun, so choose wisely if you go down that route. It may be of course that you know how to relieve your “ouch”; how to treat it and bring relief. If so, apply what you know; why wait in discomfort a moment longer. Just don’t forget that sometimes the root cause may not be where you’re looking and don’t be fooled into some quick fix instead of applying a longer but complete treatment.