I’m learning that one of the wonderful aspects of blogging is the capability it has to come upon you almost like that photo opportunity which arrives unannounced and unseen……until it explodes into view. You weren’t looking for it, or maybe even intended it to happen, but then it did and somehow you just HAVE to capture the moment.

As I write this, the Chapel clock has just struck 3 am and I’m sat here on my bed; the loudest thing currently is an old clock from my late mothers flat. One of those things that you really need to chuck out, but which faithfully records the passage of time; it’s a battery clock which Braun have decided will try to tick like a traditional one. My bedroom window is open and from the outside I can hear…….absolutely nothing. It’s totally silent. The street lights are giving some light, but it’s soundless, and the reason this silence truly is almost deafening is that I live at the coast and therefore am more than used to hearing the gulls calling at any time of day or night. That raucous racket usually fills the air and I’m guessing in maybe an hour and a half they’ll be announcing Sunday has arrived with renewed vigour. There are truly few precious times when this happens, and it’s the more remarkable because living right in the middle of the town, I’m used to hearing reflected sounds echoing around the streets emptied of people; one voice 2 or 3 streets away can be traced in my mind to it’s location. And that’s how it most usually is……unless of course I’m asleep!

For now, all is silent and it’s quite weird; it truly is deafening. No-one going home late from a local pub, no cars, no wind stirring. Nothing.

Just me……the iPad illuminating my room…..and the clock. Awesome.

Ah….the peace is shattered. 03.23 and the first seagull cries. He won’t be the only one soon. Still….nice while it lasted.