ImageLiving near the sea has many benefits; the air is usually bracing, being on the North Sea Coast, and the views always stimulate the senses. And like anywhere, there are favourite places; views that inspire or somewhere that evokes memories. Somewhere that’s just great to walk and get a good view at the same time. One of those for me is the Marine Drive at Scarborough, although that’s it’s popular name; Prince Albert Drive should be the proper handle. Linking the 2 bays, it runs around the headland and on days when the wind is really strong, you have to lean into it to keep on your feet. Having said that, there are rarely times when it’s deserted; at any time of the day or night, you’ll find someone walking, jogging, running, fishing or bird watching.

Being one for spontaneity, I suggested the other afternoon that we drive up after work and just walk a section of it, enjoying the evening time and took this picture on my phone; it’s Spring and with the tide on it’s way, it was just a wonderful use of the time we had available.

Take the time wherever you are just to get out and stretch your legs occasionally. You may not be as blest with a lovely view as I am, but there will usually be somewhere that you can go, even for half and hour, to take time, unwind, recharge the batteries and come back much better than you went.