ImageIn 2007 I took over an allotment and over the course of a relatively short space of time turned it into a veg producing plot; rubbish and overgrowth was cleared and plants produced some yummy flavours.  The following few years were quite productive but then 2012-13 saw me playing catch up and proving that you can’t run a piece of ground successfully without some quite serious input.

So I started this year with the clear purpose of being able to more than just tread water; I had ideas of reworking the plot, of changing things around and introducing new things. Very often, if you’ve ever seen allotments, they’re used in the same way year after year and I didn’t want that. Back in 2007, the decision was made to grow crops on raised beds, which was a fairly new idea certainly in rural Yorkshire; that means you’re fairly stuck with the same layout but I decided to amalgamate 3 into 1 and then to move things around as well.

One of the plans I had was to creat a more substantial flower bed; I know it’s not supposed to be an essential part of an allotment but seeing as though we’re all supposed to be trying to induce butterflies and birds to pollinate, I though I’d do my bit and give ’em some flowers to play with. So I bought 10 rose bushes online and I was quite specific; I wanted Hybrid Tea roses and I wanted them not only for their size but for their fragrance. My selection was made purely on that basis; I want to be able to go down to my plot on a summers evening and be greeted by a lovely concoction of fragrance.

So that’s my fledgling rose bed; don’t laugh…..I know they’re small and flowerless now…..just wait!