Last year we visited Lanzarote and you know what happens when you begin to leave the UK in February for a jolly; you can’t believe anywhere on the face of the earth will have sun, warmth….almost anything other than the usual grim cold winter weather. The temperature on the trip to the airport was around 0c and as we sat having breakfast before takeoff, I was asked whether I’d looked to see what the Canaries weather was; we were more dressed for the sun than the cold and with other travellers approaching dressed for the UK in scarves and gloves etc, it seemed a reasonable question. I reassured my wife that they were probably hopping down to LHR and it seemed to work.

When we landed and the plane door opened, we were greeted by that unmistakable blanket of soft, soothing warmth and all was well. The whole week the temperature never dipped and to say it was pleasant is an understatement.

The ferry we were on here took us to Fuertaventura and whilst we live by the sea in the UK, it’s always different when you’re abroad. The cafés, bars, bistros and restaurants that proliferate the promenade have so many aromas, mostly pleasant, that we just don’t enjoy at home. So we see now photos reminding us of the time, the place, the walk, the meal, but the smells are missing and it’s those that complete the picture. The day may come when technology will allow us to capture the fullness of our experience; until then, we rely on our memories to retain what the camera cannot capture.