There’s always the temptation, and we all suffer from it, to look with 2D vision for opportunities, whether literally or metaphorically; and whilst beauty, and our expression of it, will always be in the eye of the beholder, we need to be so aware of looking as opposed to just seeing. We had a glorious morning here in Filey yesterday and then the clouds began to arrive from the west; that happens frequently and mostly they keep moving but yesterday they didn’t. I was at home and found myself sitting outside with a cuppa and looked up, straight up, into the sky and saw the various cloud layers beginning to gather and they eventually produced heavy rain for a time, before moving away again. That gave me an opportunity and whilst it’s a shot of just white on blue, I was there…..I saw it happening and as it passed over me, it gave me another sense of our smallness in this great cosmic adventure called life. How many miles up were they? I’ve no idea….but their effect was amazing to one guy sitting miles below in one speck on the Yorkshire Coast.