Recently, my Mum died. Not very noteworthy you may say, as people come and go daily, and as we know, death is the only other guaranteed fact of life apart from taxes. But…..she was MY Mum; the one who had been with me throughout my life to that point and the one who cherished everything I did, sometimes a little too much for my liking. That’s the cross an only child has to bear; at times, duty came first but I hope throughout I was not too short of temper or patience.

Passing brings us up close to the flimsy, temporal nature of our existence; we are in truth but a blip on the golfball called Earth. Our bodies are so finely balanced and wonderfully made; the heart in the average person will beat during the average lifespan around 4 billion times and yet… can stop in an instant. Some of us know only too well that a small chemical imbalance can wreak havoc with our equilibrium.

For me, dealing with my Mum in the final weeks of her life made me realise how selfish I was; she had after all just as relevant and necessary a reason to expect nothing that I wouldn’t want for myself. Except……she was old…..lived past her best years…..cranky sometimes ( aren’t we all on a bad day? ). And so I rationed my time… attention….my interest into visiting her in the Nursing Home that was now caring for her twice a week. After all, that was enough wasn’t it? I hope it was, and I know she valued every visit.

And now……she’s passed. Gone. And all we have are photographs….and memories.

God help me to create as many good, lasting memories that I can; whatever else is left at my passing is temporal and whilst it may be valuable, only fleeting.