There are many expressions of solitude and this shot for me captures both it’s isolation and individual aspects. Buttermere is not one of the popular tourist destinations in the Lakes; it’s not on the Shearings list with 10 minutes for photographs, fish and chip shops on each corner or row upon row of knick knack windows. You’re not likely to see a planning application in for a Costas or Starbucks; you can’t catch a boat from one end to the other. Instead, there is solitude…….wonderful, wonderful solitude. It’s even like that when you meet someone else walking around the lake; no ones shouting and even the occasional vehicle passing along the road up to Honister doesn’t break the silence over much. You can hear life here, whether it be winged or water borne. Magical……special…..individual….worth a visit! Just don’t expect a crowd – they’re not here thankfully.