Those of us who use some level of creativity and take a photograph, which nowadays is pretty much all the world and his wife, are often lured into thinking that the shot we want will be produced with a camera with more pixelation or liberal use of Photoshop.

Both are incorrect assumptions. In some ways, we have done ourselves a disservice by the mass use of zoom lenses, which yes I use, and motor drives; the assumption that if you take a dozen frames of the same situation in a quick burst, somewhere in that lot will be what you want is misjudged. Nothing replaces the eye that sees the shot and frames it when looking for the photographic opportunity; you could go out on a sunny day with a box camera and come back with excellent, printable results if you have the eye to produce them.

You have creativity within you by virtue of your DNA; your Maker gave you creativity at your conception, so you have the capacity to produce that result you look for. Master your skill, hone it…..whatever instrument you use to capture the shot. Keep on looking for improvement every time you use the camera; it’s totally possible!